Dog takes care of litter of kittens

Tuesday, 13th December 2011

Four rescued kittens are now getting well with cat food and milk, as well as the caring attention of a dog.

Missey, a four-year-old dog owned by animal care assistant Carina McLean, has been taking care of the kittens since they were handed into the RSPCA’s Hull and East Riding Animal Centre.

Ms McLean said: “Missey has taken a real shine to them. She cleans them, giving them a good lick all over, a nice wash and brush up.

“She is like a surrogate mum to them. She doesn’t mind that they are kittens, she was hand reared herself, so she’s repaying the favour.”

The kittens were brought into the centre after a man saw three youths getting ready to drop them into a drainage ditch.

He took the kittens off them and brought them in. Had they gone into the water, they would have died, receptionist Anna Nightingale said.

Ms Mclean added that the kittens have been fed special kitten milk and are beginning to eat solid food.