Demand for premier cat food 'on the up'

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

Demand for premier cat food is increasing, with more people buying their kitty's single serve pouches.

Dog food demand is also changing, with more owners choosing to buy their pooches complete dry dog food instead of cans of dog food, The Grocer reports.

An unnamed expert is quoted as saying: "Many owners prefer the convenience of dry food, while others will always look to wet food for their pet believing this to be the food their pets most enjoy.

"The move towards premium foods means that owners are increasingly looking to both wet dog and cat foods to provide their pets with the variety they desire."

They added that there is now a trend for owners to provide their pets with mixed feeding patterns and that 55 per cent of dog owners now use a combination of wet and dry food.

According to a recent article on The Rambler, pet owners should invest in high-quality food because doing so provides "long-term benefits" to the animal.