'Deep and narrow' cat food bowls ideal for winter

Thursday, 20th January 2011

Deep and narrow cat food bowls are ideal for the winter, it has been claimed.

Dr Lee Pickett expressed her belief that cats who spend most of their time outside should be able to drink water from a bowl which is unlikely to freeze during the cold months.

She wrote on the Reading Eagle website: "Start by ensuring that their food and water don't turn to ice. Water bowls should be deep and narrow, rather than shallow and wide. Locate them in sunny areas, and regularly refill them with warm water.

"Better yet, use electrically heated pet water bowls."

Dr Pickett added that cat food should be mixed with hot water if temperatures are likely to be low to ensure it is still edible.

Furthermore, pet owners should also consider investing in outdoor shelters for their animals, with most able to house up to five cats.

According to Dr Pickett, a dog kennel can easily be converted into a cat shelter if the door is narrowed and a flap is installed to prevent large predators from entering it.