Couple hire pet detective to find missing moggy

Tuesday, 13th September 2011

A couple from Cumbria that are so upset about the disappearance of their feline friend they have hired a pet detective to return the moggy they hope to spoil with toys and cat food again.

Gerald and Lisa Francis have sought help from Animal Search UK, spending over £1,000 to find their puss Cloudy, reports

Cloudy, 15, went missing in October last year and undertook their own search, asking fellow pet owners if they had seen the grey and white Siamese cat.

Mr Francis told the news provider: "This particular morning I let him out into the garden as usual and expected him to return in five minutes. He must’ve jumped the fence. He wasn’t in the habit of doing that regularly, but when he did he always came back."

He added that although he knows it is a "long shot", any news on Cloudy's whereabouts would give the couple closure.

Animal Search UK was established in 1999 and is now the UK's leading missing pet search service.