Couple adopt 28 pound cat

Monday, 16th January 2012

A couple from Oregon, US, are getting set to put their new 28 pound pet on a special low-calorie cat food diet.

The cat, named Walter, was given to a rescue centre after its previous owner had to give it up because their assisted living home did not allow pets, reports

Luckily Aaron Betancourth and Colleen Sanders heard about Walter and decided to adopt him. Ms Sanders told the news provider: "Obviously, his previous owner loved him, although they loved him maybe in the wrong way. So it's going to be our job to kind of bring that weight problem down.

"It's going to be a combination of low-calorie food, a lot of playtime, and eventually we're going to transition him into going outdoors."

Walter will have to lose weight at a healthy rate, as if cats lose weight too quickly, they can develop liver problems and end up needing pet medication, Dr Becky Prull, a veterinarian at Northwest Neighbourhood Veterinary Hospital added.