Chris Packham says cats could have an 'apocalyptic impact' on wildlife

Wednesday, 13th June 2012

BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham has said that domestic cats could cause an "apocalyptic" impact on the environment and claims a 'cat curfew' would be helpful.

The Springwatch presenter made the suggestion that cats should be kept indoors at night after Springwatch viewers complained about a cat killing some wood warbler's chicks in their nest.

He said:  "I love cats. I think they are beautiful, a wonderful predator. As a conservationist all I want to do is ask people who keep cats to move on in the way that they keep them.

"What’s the point of feeding birds in the garden if you’re feeding them to your cat?"

He added that over 200 million animals are killed by domestic cats every year and that if they were kept in at night, this figure would be reduced by 50 per cent.

Responding to the fact that cats are nocturnal and keeping them in at night would be going against their natural instincts, Packham said a cat curfew would make it less likely that they would be run over or attacked, the Daily Express reports.