Charity urging people not to overlook black cats

Wednesday, 15th August 2012

A charity is urging people who are thinking of getting a cat not to overlook black ones in favour of more colourful animals.

More than half of the RSPCA’s Sussex North Branch cats are black and these animals tend to spend much longer in care waiting to be rehomed.

Gary Chapman, branch volunteer photographer, said: "It's sad to come into the cattery every week and see the same cats being overlooked again and again.

"I hope we can raise awareness of the difficulty of rehoming black cats and make potential adopters see what wonderful pets these beautiful, good natured cats can make."

Two of the black cats currently in the charity’s care are brothers Chris and Conan. While Chris loves cat food treats and will do anything for them, Conan is gentle and loves cuddles and strokes.

Although these cats desperately need new homes, the RSPCA is asking people to remember cats take time, money, commitment and patience, and they are likely to change their owners' lives completely.