Charity looking for owners to look after monochrome cats

Thursday, 1st September 2011

Feline fans are being asked to invest in cat food and adopt black and white moggies, as Cats Protection has revealed it has more of these monochrome pusses than any other colour.

Tracy Shiells, development manager at the charity, explained that while black and white cats are more common than other colours, rescue centres are "literally full up", so is urging prospective owners to come forward.

She said: "Sadly they are much harder to find homes for. This is because they often get overlooked by prospective owners who would rather adopt a more unusual colour like ginger or tabby, which are very popular.

"If anyone can offer a home to a black or black-and-white cat please get in touch."

At present, the charity has 692 unwanted cats. Of these, 49.2 per cent are either black or black and white.

It also reveals that these cats take roughly six per cent longer to re-home than other more unusual moggies.