Charity looking for owner of pregnant cat who went on a train trip

Monday, 23rd July 2012

The RSPCA is trying to find the owner of a heavily pregnant cat who took a train from Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield.

The black and white cat was escorted from the train by a member of the public and is now in a temporary foster home with RSPCA animal collection officer Neil Astle.

Because of her affectionate nature, the charity believes she is someone's pet but because she has no microchip or collar, they have no idea where she comes from.

Mr Astle said: "The cat was seen getting on the train and we think she travelled about five or six stops before she was carried off by a concerned member of the public.

"She is heavily pregnant so could have kittens any day."

The cat was taken from the train on July 14th. The RSPCA is hoping people will visit its website and share the page with images of the cat in the hope that someone will recognise her.

Mr Astle also noted that this case shows how important it is to get your cat microchipped, as they are adventurous creatures and are often outside.