Charity launches app for cat owners

Wednesday, 17th August 2011

Feline fans can now feed cat food to a virtual moggy as well as their four-legged friend.

Cats Protection has launched its first iPhone app named MyMog and it allows users to create their very own digital cat.

Users can pick their colour, style and facial expressions.

James Blake, publications and digital manager at the cat charity, said: "MyMog is a fun application which we hope will provide hours of enjoyment to cat lovers.

"We've already had some great reviews of the application and it's a great way for us to reach new audiences and raise awareness of how Cats Protection helps over 230,000 unwanted cats in the UK each year."

Users of MyMog can accessorise their cyber cat with glasses or a top hat. They can also be moved to different locations.

The puss can also be petted by running fingers across the screen, from which the user will get a purr of approval or a hiss - depending on its mood.