Ceramic and plastic cat food bowls will 'not heat up' in the summer

Friday, 21st January 2011

Consumers should purchase ceramic and plastic cat food bowls as they will not heat up in the summer, according to an expert.

Dr Karen Budd expressed her belief that metal bowls are not ideal for the warmer months as they absorb the sun's heat during the day and therefore keep animal's food and water warm as well.

She wrote in the Herald Sun: "Provide plenty of fresh drinking water to help your pet stay cool. Select a summer-friendly vessel: ceramic or plastic containers won't heat up like metal bowls, and a large container of water will stay cooler for longer than a shallow dish.

"It may be worth providing a couple of sources of water in case one is accidentally tipped over."

Dr Budd added that a little ice could also be added to the water to help keep it cool, while water bottles in guinea pig and rabbit hutches should also be frozen.