Cats will quickly decide if they want to be friends, expert claims

Tuesday, 17th April 2012

Cat owners hoping to buy a new kitten, for which young cat food will be needed, needn't worry about doing so.

Cats are unlikely to fight unless two territorial males are put together so owners should get a female cat if they already have a male, it has been advised by Sarah Linehan of The Pet Experience.

"I would keep the two cats separated until the kitten has had all its vaccinations - this gives the existing cat a chance to get used to smelling another cat in the house and getting used to its scent for a couple of weeks," the leading pet behaviourist explained.

"Once the kitten is fully vaccinated, you can then introduce it to the existing cat."

Pet owners can start off by doing this in the room that the new cat has been kept in and by allowing them to socialise.

Cats will also decide quite quickly if they want to be friends or whether they are simply going to tolerate each other, which cannot be avoided, she added.

It is also important for kittens to socialise with people from a young age as this will stop them from scratching and biting in later life, Ms Linehan recently advised.