Cats 'should be kept inside after moving house'

Wednesday, 11th July 2012

Pet owners who have recently moved house should keep their cats inside at first, a feline expert has claimed.

Vet Jo Gourlay wrote in a piece for the Galloway Gazette that there are a number of things that cat owners can do to keep their pets safe and reduce their levels of stress during and after a move.

"Cats should be kept inside for at least two weeks, initially confining them to one room then gradually allowing access to the rest of the house a room at a time," she advised.

Ms Gourlay went on to say that people can help to make their cats feel secure by spreading their scent around the house and explained this can be done by rubbing a cloth gently on their cheeks and wiping this around the house.

She advised owners to make sure the information on their cat's collar is up-to-date, for example it displays their new address or phone number.

The Daily Mail recently reported that George Osborne's cat Freya has moved back into Downing Street after going missing three years ago.

Downing Street officials have had to increase the amount of cat food on their shopping lists, as number ten is already home to Larry, prime minister David Cameron's cat.