Cats should be fed mix of 'wet and dry food'

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

Cats should not be fed solely dry food as it can damage their health, it has been claimed.

Dr Michael Fox, a US-based vet, expressed his belief that cats should also be fed wet food as dry food is known to have side effects.

He told "A diet of dry, high-cereal-content cat food is responsible for a host of feline health problems, but they are still being sold.

"Veterinarians used to recommend just dry food for cats in part because some were led to believe that crunchy dry food would help keep their teeth clean. But these days, most animal doctors recommend that cats eat moist, canned, home-prepared or a balanced raw food."

Dr Fox added that many cats may become so used to dry food that they develop an addiction and need to be weaned off of it gradually with zero grain dry cat food and canned foods.