Cats in Barton dying from illegal pesticide

Wednesday, 12th October 2011

People in Barton who buy cat food for their animal may want to take caution when letting them out, as a number of cats have died from an illegal pesticide in the area.

The police in the North Lincolnshire town are investigating the deaths of seven cats in the Pasture Road South area Pasture Road South area, the BBC reports.

RSPCA inspector Stuart Wainwright told the news provider: "It is clearly very concerning to hear of a large number of cats dying in such a small geographical area.

"We are doing all we can to investigate these incidents. Seven owners have been left devastated by their loss and we do not want any more cats to have to suffer the same painful death."

Post-mortem tests showed that one of the cats died from the toxic agricultural pesticide, Aldicarb. The charity was told all of the other cats displayed similar symptoms of the poison.

Last month, reported that there had also been a spate of suspected poisonings in Caister, Norfolk, following the deaths of five cats.