Cats can be trained not to hunt, expert says

Friday, 18th May 2012

It is possible to train a domestic cat not to hunt and kill birds that frequent your garden, an expert has said.

Sara Linehan, who runs the Pet Experience, explained that cats are one of the easiest pets to look after in a domestic household.

She said: "Cats are probably the easiest pet but they still need to be house-trained, socialised and taught boundaries in the home.

"Many people will be surprised to learn that you can also teach your cat not to hunt and kill all your garden birds and not to toilet in your neighbours' gardens."

Ms Linehan also spoke about keeping rabbits as pets. She said that rabbits need a lot of company and are hard work to care for, in terms of cleaning, grooming and feeding them the correct pet food.

The Pet Expereince was established in 2006. The following year, Ms Linehan and her husband Cormac opened the Pet Education Centre. The couple provide pet behavioural services and dog training.