Cats are taking over the internet

Friday, 4th January 2013

The number of cat-related internet memes and videos has exploded in the past twelve months, and the craze shows no sign of stopping after a Malaysian company launched its own version of Facebook exclusively for cats.

Catmoji, which has been launched by Penang-based Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo Wan Koe, allows cat owners to set up a profile for their pets, complete with photos and videos, so that they can stay connected with all their feline friends.

Earlier this year a song called 'The Internet is Made of Cats' appeared on YouTube, attracting hundreds of thousands of hits, while a number of cat-related blogs also became hugely popular.

Amongst the most famous cat blog is that of Tard the 'Grumpy Cat', whose permanently sour expression has turned him into an internet sensation.

However, while it is all well and good posting photos and videos of pets online for the amusement of others, all owners should make the happiness and wellbeing of their animals their number one priority.