Cats also suffering in adoption crisis

Wednesday, 7th November 2012

Following the RSPCA's call to action over the spiralling number of unwanted pets swamping rescue centres, Cats Protection has reiterated the scale of the crisis for cats in particular.

The charity has reported that the number of unwanted cats it is receiving has hit an all-time high while adoptions have dropped to an all-time low. It is issuing an emergency request for people to come forward and offer their home to a cat.

In fact, for every person enquiring about adoption, Cats Protection reports that ten are giving up a cat or calling about a stray. Between 2009 and 2012 adoption enquiries have fallen by 55 per cent while calls about giving up a cat and strays have increased by 34 per cent.

"Since the UK entered recession we have received many more requests from people to take in their cats, with owners saying they are losing their jobs, their homes, or moving into rented accommodation," Kate Bunting, spokesperson for Cats Protection, said.