Cat to feature in weight loss calendar

Friday, 6th January 2012

A super slimming cat who lost four lbs after going on a special cat food diet is to feature in a weight loss calendar.

Simba, from Wrexham, went from 12lb 40z to 8lb 9oz after her owner Clare Edwards put her on a diet of only dry cat food, reports

Shee was then entered into a competition that would see to top 12 pet slimmers feature in a calendar.

Ms Edwards told the news provider: "It had just got the point where Simba was absolutely huge.

"She was just lying around all day and didn’t do anything at all.

"I took her to the vet and asked them to weigh her to see if she had a problem, which she definitely did."

She added that the difference in her cat is "amazing" and said Simba is now "svelte" and loves her new figure.

Research by the PDSA in 2010 showed that around one in four cats are now overweight and that there was a five per cent increase in overweight cats over three years.