Cat reunited with owner after six years

Thursday, 29th September 2011

A family is now happy to be buying cat food and pet toys for their cat that went missing six years ago.

Ian Kirkwood had visited The Blue Cross Lewknor adoption centre website to find a new cat when he came face-to-face with Sar Chi, his lost cat.

He explained that the cat had gone missing on a Sunday night and that the family had put up posters but never saw him again.

"I saw this ten-year-old cat you would not usually look twice at - but it looked spookily like Sar Chi," Mr Kirkwood said.

"We have no idea what he has been doing for the past six years but it is great to see him again. The boys are over the moon and can't wait to welcome him home."

Sar Chi had been named Mr Darcy by staff when he arrived at the centre with no identification or microchip.

When they were shown pictures of the cat they agreed it was the same animal that Mr Kirkwood had lost all those years ago.

The RSPCA recently revealed that is has over 1,000 cats looking for new homes across London, revealing it experienced its busiest summer ever, with more cats and kittens being brought in than ever before.