Cat rescued after 12 days stuck up a tree

Wednesday, 25th May 2011

A pet cat in Birmingham will be relishing the chance to tuck into some cat food after finally being rescued from a 100ft tree.

Black moggy Bess was chased up the tree by a family of foxes and remained there for a total of 12 days as fire crews and the RSPCA battled to get him down, reports the Daily Mail.

However, as their ladders were not big enough it eventually took a specialist team of tree surgeons to cut back the black poplar tree and finally retrieve Bess.

Owner Gwen Russell-Jones told the news provider: "It's absolutely incredible she managed to spend so long up there with no food or anything.

"When she was on the ground she leapt out and darted to the kitchen looking for something to eat. She absolutely gobbled it down and hasn't left my side since."

UK charity Cats Protection has claimed that pet owners should always persist in their search for a missing animal and enlist the help of friends, family and organisations to do so.