Cat inherits 10 million euros

Monday, 12th December 2011

An Italian cat will be able to dine on the finest cat food for the rest of its life after inheriting ten million euros (£8.4 million).

The animal, a black cat named Tommaso, was left the money by its heiress owner after she passed away.

Under Italian law, the animal cannot directly inherit the money, so Tommaso will be cared for by the nurse who cared for the heiress, Maria Assunta.

Lawyers said that Ms Assunta had become very fond of her nurse, Stefania, who is also a cat lover.

Lawyer Anna Orecchioni said: “To be honest he doesn’t need all that money. He is happy with a saucer of milk and some biscuits.

Stefania added that she never new Ms Assunta was worth so much money. She said: “She wanted to be sure that Tommaso would be loved and cuddled. But I never imagined that she had this sort of wealth.

“She was very discreet and quite, I knew very little of her private life.”