Cat 'hungry' after having huge furball removed

Thursday, 26th January 2012

A pet was very hungry for cat food after having what was thought to be a giant tumour removed from her stomach.

Vets were shocked when they operated on Gemma, an eight-year-old ginger longhair, to find that the tumour was actually a huge furball.

The furball was the weight of two cricket balls, the Daily Mail reports, and it was the largest the vet had ever seen. Her owner had bought her to the vet after she hadn’t eaten for five days.

Vet David Fennell, from Cromwell Vet Group in Huntingdon said: "It filled her entire stomach cavity and she had not eaten for days. It would certainly have killed her.

"She was very hungry but there was no room in her stomach for anything else."

He added that for some reason Gemma had not been coughing up hairballs and once it got too big she would not have been able to get rid of it.

A day after surgery Gemma was back to full health and was eating normally again.