Cat cafes may be stressful for animals

Tuesday, 19th March 2013

Towards the end of last year it was revealed that a new cat cafe is being planned in east London, taking up the tradition started in Japan which allows visitors to relax with a furry feline while enjoying a coffee.

However, with several more cat enthusiasts deciding to open similar businesses, animal charity Cats Protection has spoken out against these cafes, claiming that they could cause distress to the pets themselves.

The organisation has released a statement in which it claims that: "Having quite a large number of cats within a confined space with different people coming and going would actually be very, very stressful for cats and the biggest stress in a cat's life is other cats, so we believe this would be poor welfare for the cats."

However, according to the BBC, Liza Dyas, who is planning to set up her own cat cafe in Devon, insists that her felines "certainly won't be put upon by people", adding that "my cats are going to love it".