Cat breeding can be an expensive hobby

Thursday, 24th January 2013

With animal shelters around the country struggling to cope with the increased number of abandoned cats due to the economic crisis, anyone thinking about adopting an animal should be aware of just how expensive pet ownership can be.

However, for those who just can't bear to go without the companionship of a furry friend, money is no object.

This would certainly appear to be the case for 67-year-old Marlene Howes, who has dedicated her entire life to breeding and caring for cats.

However, having spent over £700 a month on her 40 felines, Ms Howes is now issuing a stark warning to other owners over the costs involved with caring for pets.

While the idea of owning an animal may seem like a fun and rewarding investment, the RSPCA is constantly advising people to make sure their finances are in order before adopting an animal, as pet food and veterinary costs can often take people by surprise.