Cambridgeshire man gets rescue kitty flown over from Malta

Friday, 8th July 2011

A man is now able to spoil his beloved rescue cat with cat food after waiting for her to be flown over from Malta.

Malcolm Harper from Cambridgeshire found a tiny ginger kitten inside a large stone wall while on a four-and-a-half-month holiday in Malta, reports

"I started to take the stones out, and found the 7-8 week old kitten inside. She was wobbly and would have died that afternoon if we had not found her," he explained.

After looking after the kitten, Mr Harper had to return to England for a few days and in his absence, the kitty had been looking for him.

He told the news provider: "It was then that I thought about bringing her to England. I made inquiries with the Maltese RSPCA; she had the necessary injections and was then placed in quarantine."

After £600 and over 1,500 miles, Mr Harper now has the cat, named English, in his home in Whittlesey.