Britain's most pampered cat revealed

Wednesday, 9th November 2011

Britain's most pampered cat is allowed to have cat food any time he likes, enjoys designer goods and has just won the Gourmet Five Star Feline competition.

Horace, a one-year-old from Brixton, London, was picked as the winner of the competition out of 11 runners-up and, as a result, also bagged his owner, Christina Bennnett, a £20,000 diamond pendant, the Evening Standard reports.

Ms Bennett told the news provider: "I love nothing more than to spoil him. I recently bought him a bed from Harrods but he prefers to use the sofa. And I buy him lots of toys. But he has a tendency to destroy them very quickly, so I always have to replenish them."

She added that Horace is the "biggest diva" she knows but that he is also very charismatic with it.

Horace is also taken to work with his owner in a designer clothes store, in which he picks out the most expensive silk materials to lounge on all day.

Research by 20th Century Fox recently showed that 53 per cent of pet owners in Britain think they over-indulge their animals.