Big Issue seller writes book on friendship with cat

Thursday, 15th March 2012

A popular Big Issue seller has written a book about how he turned his life around thanks to a stray and injured cat he looked after and nursed back to health.

James Bowen's book, A Street Cat Named Bob, tells how he was a recovering drug addict who found Bob the cat in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation in 2007, reports

He looked after the ginger cat and the two became good friends. Bob could often be seen perched on Mr Bowen’s shoulders as he sold copies of the Big Issue in Angel, London.

Mr Bowen told the news provider: "I was amazed there were so many people and Bob was loving it. He’s not shy and he loves to be the centre of attention.

"I took care of a cat and he’s taken care of me ever since. Now we take care of each other."

A Street Cat Named Bob is due to be released today (March 15th).