An all-dry cat food diet is fine for some cats, expert says

Friday, 28th September 2012

While an all-dry cat food is absolutely fine for some cats, for others it can cause an increased risk of urinary tract disease, a vet has said.

Pete Wedderburn, writing for the Daily Telegraph, made these comments after a reader contacted him after her cat started to only eat the dry pet food.

The cat likes the dry food so much so that she would keep on eating them until she burst if she were allowed, the reader explained.

Dr Wedderburn wrote: "You should make sure she regularly eats some moist food by giving her a measured amount of dry food so that she’s hungry enough to want some moist food too.

"On a mixed diet like this, it will be far less stressful for her if she does need to change to a moist-food-only diet for health reasons at some stage in the future."

In his blog, the vet also noted that 59 per cent of cat owners do not take their pet to the vet for regular checks, with 82 per cent saying they had not considered taking their pet for an old-age check-up.

He said that if owners do not want to go to the vet, they should visit to make sure they know about any potential problems their cat may get in the future.