Always read the label on pet food

Friday, 26th October 2012

Owners trying to slim their pet must ensure they pay close attention to the labels on the animal's food, according to Burns Pet Nutrition.

Speaking about the problems with obesity facing many of the UK's domestic animals, head nutritionist at Burns Pet Nutrition Fiona Campbell stated that this "is a real problem in the UK", with 35 per cent of dogs being classed as overweight.

Lack of exercise and poor diet were unsurprisingly identified as the main factors causing obesity, and Ms Campbell suggested owners should always read the label on the food they are giving their pet.

In particular, check the fat content of the food, comparing it to other brands. Foods with added sugars and colourings should be avoided.

Dog food that consists of high fibre and low fat can be ideal for combating obesity she said, with special lines of food with this purpose available from many retailers.