Age UK teams up with RSPCA to encourage older people to adopt cats

Wednesday, 19th October 2011

Age UK and the RSPCA have teamed up to encourage older people to buy cat food and adopt a pet cat.

The two charities are suggesting older people adopt older cats, as many of these animals are difficult to rehome as people tend to want younger cats.

However, a spokesman for the RSPCA said that an older cat can be a "wonderful companion" that will welcome you home.

Sheena Dunbar, chief executive of Age UK Waltham Forest, said: "Of course you need to consider the cost of adopting a cat.

"Cat food is not cheap and vet bills are expensive, so we recommend pet insurance.

"But adopting a cat can make a great difference to your life and improve your wellbeing."

Two other initiatives set up by the RSPCA to encourage people to adopt older cats are the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme(EARS) and Home for Life.

EARS offers people discounted cat food and vet visits, help with transport and a 24-hour phone number that can be called in case of an emergency.