Abandoned cat finds new home and career

Friday, 31st August 2012

A rescue cat has been made chief mouser in Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk

An abandoned cat has managed to find a new home and a career after he was made chief mouser at the Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk.

Alfie, the three-year-old cat, needed a home where he could be more of an outdoor cat as he would have become unhappy and frustrated when he lived in a private home.

Luckily, when the Blue Cross found out Redwings was looking for a cat to catch mice, they knew exactly who would be up for the job.

Lisa Cornish, Redwings equine centre manager, said: "When I met Alfie I knew he would be perfect. He is so friendly and affectionate, but he's a great hunter too!

"He's really wary of the horses and he growls at the Shetland ponies as they go past. Maybe he thinks they are actually giant cats?"

Any Gillon, Blue Cross centre manager, said the sanctuary was the perfect place for Alfie as it allowed him to fulfil his natural behaviour.