AFP: Improved pet food helps animals live longer

Friday, 1st July 2011

An improvement in the quality of cat and dog food, and the services that vets provide has allowed pets in Japan to live longer, the Associated Free Press (AFP) reports.

The result of the ageing pet population is a booming business in products such as nappies and walking aids for animals.

Yuko Kushibe, a marketing official at Yamahisa Co, which diversified its business to include pet products five years ago, said: "We realised that there is demand for goods to take care of elderly dogs because they are considered members of the family."

The AFP stated that Japan's increasing interest in larger dogs has meant that there is a requirement for products, such as carts and slings, which help owners to lift their incapacitated pets.

Owners thinking of purchasing pet insurance should do so when they are as young as possible as premiums tend to be lower for younger animals, reports.