Call the Old Bill, Daisy the duck has her feathers ruffled

Tuesday, 4th December 2012

Police will be getting their feather dusters out and looking for fingerprints after a pet duck from Ludgershull, Wiltshere had all its feathers stolen by a rather plucky thief in the night, according to the Metro.

Daisy, aged 15 months, was found by 11-year-old William Haslam and his younger brother Henry, four, who were reported to be "hysterical" after discovering what had happened to their family pet.

Fortunately Daisy was completely unhurt, although perhaps even more bizarre is the fact that the family's other duck, Jemima – who is said to always be at Daisy's side – was not targeted and left untouched by the burglar.

Owner Sarah Halsam called the police immediately after Daisy was found, and the case is being treated as animal cruelty and damage to property.

Wiltshere police carried out door-to-door enquiries but so far have no leads on who the burglar may be, and are offering anonymity to anyone who comes forward with information.