Birdbrain solves mind-reader's puzzle

Tuesday, 26th February 2013

Derren Brown may be famous for broadcasting his logic-defying psychic antics on TV, but his latest production is a little more low-key than usual.

The illusionist and mind reader has posted a video on YouTube of his pet parrot, named Rasputin, solving a specially designed puzzle made out of Lego, answering the age old question of 'who's a clever boy then?'.

The video, which shows Rasputin manipulating a lever in order to release a cashew nut, has already been viewed more than 25,000 times, with the famous trickster taking to Twitter to assure any sceptics that the stunt was not staged.

"Someone, somewhere, will insist my parrot is an actor", tweeted Mr Brown. Whether or not any hypnosis was involved in the trick has yet to be confirmed,

While parrots are famous for their intelligence, particularly when it comes to speech recognition and imitation, until now little had been known of their ability to use Lego.