Big Cats make their exit from the Big Top

Wednesday, 13th February 2013

Animal rights groups across the UK are celebrating after the last British circus still using big cats in its shows revealed that it would no longer be parading the animals.

Until this year the Great British Circus was the only travelling show in the country to feature lions and tigers among its cast, although the extravaganza's organisers have confirmed that cats will no longer be involved in the performance.

The government has pledged to outlaw the use of all wild animals in travelling circuses, although no date has been set for the ban, with some shows continuing to use animals such as camels, zebras and reindeer, the Guardian reports.

And it seems audiences are happy to be entertained by performance troupes made up entirely of humans, after a recent government poll revealed that 94 per cent of people would support a total ban of wild animals in travelling circuses.