Are animals really telepathic?

Friday, 1st March 2013

Many pet owners claim their animal has an innate ability to tell what they are thinking or feeling, as if they were somehow able to communicate on a non-verbal level. Some people even believe their pets can sense the presence of ghosts and spirits, believing them to have telepathic powers.

All of this may be less far-fetched than it seems, after a team of scientists conducted an experiment to see if rats could communicate with each other using only their brainwaves.

By inserting microscopic electrodes into the brains of laboratory rats, it was discovered that they were able to pass instructions on to one another despite the fact that they were in different continents.

Specimens in Brazil were able to affect the behaviour of other rats in North Carolina using only their thoughts, with lead researcher Dr Miguel Nicolelis hailing the experiment as a success in mental communication.

While your pet may not be able to read your thoughts, all owners should do their best to maintain their animals' mental health. This can be achieved by keeping them on a balanced and healthy diet of specially-formulated pet food.