Diet for dog with liver problems

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013
Updated: Thursday 23rd January 2020

Our custoemr asked:

I wonder if you can advise me on gradually weaning my">Royal Canin Hepatic dry + wet to
another dry food replacement.
Lola had intrahepatic surgery on 1st June, and we have ordered from you since - but also added over time (and since the op) - white
fish, free range chicken, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, fish4dogs treats, some salmon oil kibble, lots of vegetables and
a little meat stock (gravy temptation).
I am due to order again now - and Lola is doing well although underweight as often IS puppies can be - and importantly, there
are no neurological symptoms from any of the above.
What is best to do? I don't wish to do another bile acid test at present as I feel intrinsically that the operation was successful - as
did her Veterinary Surgeon.

Our reply:

I would probably not intend to wean her off the Royal Canin completely, but keep it as part of the diet. It has some good points, so can still contribute. The other commercial food I would recommend is Hills L/D, though you can also continue with the fresh foods you are currently giving if you are able to. Personally I would add some cooked rice or pasta to the diet too. They supply readily digestible energy which should help your dog if it is underweight. Ideally you should feed your dog small meals, several times per day (say 4), to ease the digestion process and to increase the total intake. The overall protein content of the diet does not need to be too high, but the protein sources you are using are good. Make sure there is plenty of veg and energy sources too to balance this out.

S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine is a supplement which can help dogs with liver disease. It is the main ingredient of lots of supplements for the liver, including Hepatosyl, Samylin and Doxion. I would try one of those too.