Treatment of Berry Bugs (Harvest Mites)

Author: VioVet
Published: Wednesday 29th May 2013
Updated: Monday 5th August 2013

Our customer asked:

My neighbour has a West Highland Terrier, who suffers irritation from Berry Bugs. Can you suggest any thing she can apply to the dog?

Our reply:

Most vets use frontline Spray for this, but it is prescription-only. Apparently  Thornit ear powder is also very effective, applied to the paws and abdomen, or wherever the bugs are irritating. It is also believed that certain shampoos will act as a deterrent too, but making the skin not smell as attractive to mites. Dorwest Pennyroyal shampoo is good for this. (Used before applying the Thornit.)

Neither of these treatments are licensed for this use, but they are non-prescription and so can be just bought off the website.