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iMove Joint Supplement for Humans

  • 90 Capsules £14.33

iMove Joint Supplement is specifically designed to help promote healthy and flexible joints in humans. It contains a unique combination of ingredients in an easy to swallow capsule that provide your joints with a higher level of comfort and mobility. Created by Lintbells, who also bring you the popular Yumove for dogs, iMove is becoming a much more widespread joint supplement, and for good reason!

Each pot of iMove contains 90 capsules, giving you up to 45 days supply.


One capsule contains on average:

250mg Glucosamine
150mg Green lipped mussel extract
1.5mg Hyaluronic acid
2.5 mg Vitamin E
12.5mg Vitamin C
1.5mg Manganese

Glucosamine is a vital nutrient for the maintenance of joint health, providing the building blocks for connective tissues such as cartilage. Glucosamine HCl is the purest form of glucosamine available, providing 40% more glucosamine per gram than glucosamine sulphate 2KCl.

Green lipped mussel provides Chondroitin and Omega 3 fatty acids. Chondroitin is involved in the attraction of fluid that lubricates your joints and can help slow down the break down of cartilage. iMove provides a concentrated source of omega 3s to ease joint stiffness, including a powerful omega 3 called ETA to sooth painful joints.

Hyaluronic acid contributes to the elasticity and viscosity of synovial fluid in the joint. It acts as a fluid shock absorber and helps to lubricate the joints to maintain good joint mobility.

Manganese supports collagen formation in the cartilage, tendons and ligaments to support joint health

Vitamins C&E work synergistically to neutralise damaging free radicals. Our vitamin E is sourced from natural seed oils for maximum bioavailability.

Recommended Daily Intake

iMove is provided in an easy to swallow capsule. Take 2-3 capsules with a cold drink each day, but for the first month, we advise taking 3 capsules per day to ensure you are getting enough of these important ingredients.



"I have spent a fortune on joint supplements over the years and none had any effect so I gave up until I discovered iMove. After only 4 weeks on iMove I had no pain, an exciting result, its just brilliant, I feel 20 years younger. Well done Lintbells for a first class product and service." - I James.


"I have used various types of joint supplement over the years, and when I saw iMove this year, I thought I'd give it a try. For the first couple of weeks I didn't notice any difference, but after a month it felt as though someone had picked up a grease gun and oiled my joints for me, a feeling which has continued. I've just ordered some more and will be sending some up to my sister, who's joints are even worse than mine!" - Jill Phillips


"I have used iMove for some time now and recently ran out of it, thinking I would get some at a show and then not being able to go. The change in my condition is quite marked, after no pain in my joints for so long I am now realizing just how a product this is. I don't ever want to be without this again. Thank you."

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Questions & Answers for iMove Joint Supplement for Humans

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding iMove Joint Supplement for Humans, including answers from our team.

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Ingrediant of capsule shell

4th Mar 2018

would you please tell me what the capsule shell is made of.

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Ann,

The capsules are made from bovine gelatin.

I hope this helps.


10th Oct 2015
Susan lowery

Are they suitable for vegetarians

  • Non-Executive Director

This contains seafood extracts (Green-lipped Mussel) so it depends on the definition of vegetarian.

Drug inreractions

18th Jul 2015

Could you advise whether this will interact with warfarin or medication for Hypertension? GP is happy that the glucosamine is okay, which i take already.

  • Non-Executive Director

We are not qualified to offer advice on human health so it you should ask your GP about this product specifically, though I expect it would be OK for you.

Difference between 2 products

10th Jul 2015
William Lockhart
  • VioVet Customer Since: December 2014
  • From: Somerset, United Kingdom

What's the difference between the human and dog supplement

  • Non-Executive Director

The human supplement contains some extra vitamin and mineral ingredients which are thought to help people. The dog product does not have these but they are not deemed important in this supplement. (Dogs make their own vitamin C and do not need it in their diet for instance.) The dog product also has liver flavouring!

How does the hyaluronic get into the joints without being digested

19th Oct 2014
Gillian Mulligan
  • VioVet Customer Since: October 2014
  • From: Cornwall, United Kingdom

How do the ingredients get to the joints. Are they not destroyed by the digestive process? Somewhat sceptical about all food supplements

  • Non-Executive Director

Perfectly good question and a degree of scepticism is entirely appropriate. Hyaluronic acid has a large polymer structure and a high molecular weight. It is exactly the sort of compound which should be broken down into much smaller molecules by the digestive process before any absorption can take place. However there have been various experiments to investigate this and they do seem to show that some hyaluronic acid is absorbed and does get to the joints. (According to one experiment, radio-labelled hyaluronic acid given orally to rats did make it all the way to the joints after a single oral administration. Other experiments, including some in people, have shown absorption does occur.) It seems that a proportion of the large molecules do get absorbed, depending on other compounds present which can carry them into the enterocytes. I agree that is odd, but if it happens, it happens.

The main ingredient in the product is glucosamine and this is classed as an "amino sugar" and a "monosaccharide". This is the sort of size of molecule normally produced by the digestive process, ready for absorption through the intestinal wall. From there it gets into the blood stream and is transported to the liver. The liver could perhaps filter it out of the blood and metabolise it into something different. However it does seem that a good proportion of the absorbed glucosamine gets into the general, systemic circulation and so to the blood supply of the joints. Boosting blood levels of this sort of thing does make them more available for incorporation into joint structures when growth or repair is causing a heavy demand.

None of the above is really getting to the point though. What really matters is whether or not the symptoms of stiffness and soreness etc from the joints are improved or not. A theoretical mechanism of action is helpful, but that would not mean that any of these things actually work at all, just that they could do. I think that the evidence is there, but it is not conclusively proven in a scientific sense. Clinical trials of the various products sometimes show statistical benefit over placebo and some do not. The best conclusion we can draw from the evidence available is that these supplements do seem to provide symptomatic relief for some individuals and in some circumstances, but this is not consistent. (Some trials have tried sending dogs over pressure plates to see how much weight they put on different limbs and I am told that these have shown a statistically significant improvement in treated dogs.) I think that when much more work has been done, the picture will be about the same. Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. Predicting which cases they work for will be the next step. Meantime, they seem to be safe enough even when they do not work, so at least that side of things is not a concern.

Quantities of glucosamin etc per tablet

13th Aug 2014
Clare esau

Could you give me the quantities in milligrams of the ingredients in imove tabs. Thankyou.

  • Non-Executive Director

One capsule contains on average:

250mg Glucosamine
150mg Green lipped mussel extract
1.5mg Hyaluronic acid
2.5 mg Vitamin E
12.5mg Vitamin C
1.5mg Manganese


27th Aug 2013
Margaret Humphries
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2012
  • From: Worcestershire, United Kingdom

do they come in larger packs, as my dogs do (90)s if so how much are they,
thanks margaret

  • Web Developer

Unfortunately at this time the only pots that are available contain 90 capsules.