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Pero Dry Dog Food

Pero produces a wide range of nutritionally balanced canine diets suitable for feeding from weaning through to senior. The foods are all hypoallergenic, wheat, and gluten free — making them suitable for dogs with more sensitive digestions or allergy exacerbated skin complaints. Combining a hearty blend of protein-rich meat, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and chelated minerals for an all-round, nutritious meal. Each food contains carefully selected ingredients, including a blend of organic free-range chicken, beet pulps for intestinal health, yeasts for more efficient food utilisation, and yucca meal for canine odour control.

Pero have a strict anti-animal testing policy that ensures no cruelty or experimentation is undergone is the process of developing their foods. You can therefore be assured that you dog is receiving the most ethical and nutritionally tailored dietary care for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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