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Natures Menu Frozen Nuggets

Natures Menu range of complete dinners are frozen easy to serve pieces of fresh meat, vegetables & sweet potato. They are a complete and balanced dog food and will provide your dog with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they require for a healthy full life.
Our Complete Food for Active Dogs provides a safe, simple and convenient way to feed a Raw diet to active or busier dogs. Easily ensure they are getting all the nutrients they require for healthy growth, regeneration and balanced energy levels.

We only use in date, human grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all our food passes stringent safe bacteria tests before it leaves our factory.

*Easy to serve Complete and Balanced Food
*Protien sources selcted to nourish more active dogs
*Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
*Contains natural chondroitin & glucosamine
*Grain Free!

Pack size 8 x 1kg bag

Duck is a dark, rich hypoallergenic meat, ideal for dogs with an intolerance to many common proteins in the diet. This unique protein source is high in protein and very palatable.

Salmon is an easy to digest hypoallergenic protein that is full of amino acids and rich in essential fatty acids to help promote health and vitality.

Liver is a good source of Vitamin A and Iron.

Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts provide your pet with added antioxidants to help minimise the damage free radicals can cause, and promote health.