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Bakers Complete Adult Dog Food

Bakers Complete Adult, available for purchase from VioVet, is a complete food for adult dogs that can be fed from age 12-24 months until around age 7. It provides a total nutritional balance to keep your dog healthy and happy, and it is also delicious! It contains a specially developed blend of vitamins and minerals, protein, fats & oils and carbohydrates. It contains a combination of vegetables, meat and cereals to provide your dog with the best nutrition it can get. The food comes in a large variety of flavours to satisfy even the fussiest dogs.

The Adult range comes in a variety of delicious flavours: Bacon, Liver & Vegetables; Beef & Vegetables; Chicken & Vegetables; Lamb, Rice and Vegetables; Rabbit & Duck; Meaty Meals; Gravy Bites; Small Dog and Weight Control (for dogs prone to weight gain).


Generally you should feed your dog once or twice a day. Even if he looks hungry for more! Some breeds such as Dobermans (and other deep-chested breeds), junior dogs, and smaller breeds tend to benefit from their daily measure being split into 2 meals.

Dogs like routine - so ideally you should always feed your dog in the same, quiet, place away from interruptions, on an easy to clean surface. Don't let children disturb your dog when they're eating - you wouldn't like to be disturbed during your mealtime! If you have more than one dog it's probably best to feed them separately to avoid bullying, stealing and fights. You can get further information regarding feeding from either your vet or the Purina Petcare Team.

It's not nice to run on a full, or empty, tummy - so don't feed your dog straight before or after exercise; many dogs can experience a twisting of the gut and blocking of the stomach. About an hour's grace either side is best.

And don't forget to provide a clean bowl of fresh drinking water.

What not to feed

You may get tempted by his sad, feel-sorry-for-me face, but it's not a good idea to feed your dog scraps as he won't be getting a well-balanced diet as a result. And he may put on a few pounds as well. Never feed fatty scraps or uncooked vegetables - or chocolate, as it's toxic for dogs! Beware that raw meat can be infected with bacteria, and bones can damage teeth and cause obstructions in his tummy.