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Applaws Range Natural Dry Packets Cat Food

Applaws Natural Dry Cat Food Packets are a range of complimentary foods for cats. They have been developed in line with what a cat would naturally eat, which is mainly meat. They base their diets on the knowledge that a cat's digestive system is evolved from, and has little difference to that of a lion. For these reasons, all of their diets contain a minimum of 75%-80% meat and are not bulked out with cereals. Applaws believe that cereals are unnecessary and cheaper ways of filling out foods. Cereals are known to cause allergies, sensitivities, can cause weight problems and are difficult to digest. Instead, Applaws only uses meat as a source of protein, and the levels of protein in their Dry Complete foods are comparable to a fresh whole chicken. Applaws dry foods are packed with natural antioxidants such as cranberry to support the immune system. They also contain natural prebiotics to promote good bacteria and help to prevent hairballs.