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Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse

The beautiful black Friesian is a horse of old, with a history dating back to the 13th century. Hailing from the Netherlands, the horse is otherwise known as the ‘Belgian Black.’

Throughout history, the Friesian has been prized for its strength, versatility, disposition and elegance. Boasting a fine, balanced structure, the breed has both conformation and ability on its side and has been utilised in a number of ways over its development.  Popular as a war mount, carriage horse and light draught animal, the Friesian has never been short of work.

Because of its favourable attributes, the Friesian has featured in many motion pictures, starring as the glorified and dependable steed in The Mask of Zorro, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hunger Games, to name a mere few.

The Friesian of today is best observed in driving and competition capacities, and is also a favourable leisure horse for everyday riding. Usually black in colour, the equine possesses a thick, flowing mane and tail, well conformed legs, and a strong, defined head.

Did you know..?

Although they are not generally accepted in the show ring, chestnut-coloured Friesians do exist. These are particularly rare and are not as desirable as their jet black counterparts.

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20140125 05:39 pm

We have two Friesians,a mare and gelding they are gentle giants,very willing and excellent for leisurely days riding,it's always a pleasure to be with them,they have a fun charector.

20130708 12:08 pm
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

We have owned two Frisians. Kasper was the first one, and Jelmar the present one. Both geldings. They have wonderful temperaments, easy going characters and impressive movements. On the other hand, their overall health leaves a lot to be desired. It might have been weakened when the Dutch tried to recovered the breed, and all manners of interbreeding were probably used. Kasper had recurrent uveitis, then died suddenly three years ago. Jelmar has gone from dermatitis, to gastric ulcers, to sarcoids and we are still counting. Their immune system is a mess. Good, honest horses to own but be prepared for the vet's bills. Or perhaps I am just unlucky?

20180620 06:21 pm
Merseyside, United Kingdom

An amazing breed to own, they bond like no other breed I’ve known.
Loyal, sensitive and intelligent... and drop dead gorgeous!