Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

The Chihuahua originates from...

Unlike most other canine breeds whose ancestry is known, the history of the Chihuahua remains a mystery. Popular speculation attributes the Chihuahua to Mexico where uncovered ancient figurines offer an insight into the evolution of the breed, whilst suggesting they were selectively bred as a companion dog in the Toltec civilisation. The Chihuahua is also mentioned in early colonial records, which refer to miniature, partially hairless dogs at the beginning of the 19th century.

The Chihuahua is characterised by...

There are two common breeds of Chihuahua: the Smooth Coat and the Long Coat. Both types are well defined, with proportionate limbs and are common in a variation of colours, from chocolate brown to fawn, to mottled white and black. The Chihuahua has a short snout and a relatively long tail in relation to its overall size. Perhaps the most characteristic feature of the Chihuahua is in fact, its size, measuring an average of 15cm tall.

The average Chihuahua...

Despite its reduced size, the Chihuahua is a notoriously protective and feisty breed, content to exercise in small outdoor areas such as back gardens, and companionable with other animals. With a characteristically loud bark, the Chihuahua will make itself heard in order to gain its owner's attentions. Susceptible to over-feeding, the breed's healthy, average weight is between 1.8-2.7 kg. When shown appropriate care, the Chihuahua has a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Whilst minimal care requirements exist with this breed, the Chihuahua is susceptible to a number of health complaints; anything from genetic neurological disorders, to hypoglycemia and various weight-dependent illnesses. Notably, the Chihuahua is the only canine breed to be born with an incomplete skull, in the same way that human babies are. This is not a defect, however, exaggerated care needs to be ensured in the first six months of life in order to prevent injury to the un-formed membrane. Chihuahuas can also suffer from a myriad of weight-related complaints, including dental disease, hypoglycemia, joint deterioration and chronic bronchitis. Feeding a Chihuahua human food is not encouraged, as the breed's reduced size means that even the smallest amount of fat can lead to weight gain.

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Added on 25/10/2017
Joined 25/10/2017
From East Sussex, United Kingdom

I love Chihuahuas, my baby girl is called Starla. She is 3 years old, but very tiny compared to others that I've seen.
I think they are one owner dogs, and although she is fine with my husband, she definitely looks upon me as her owner. She's very jealous and gets very protective of me. She loves cuddles and follows me everywhere. The only thing I have found with her is she's not good with strangers, or even friends that come round, she barks like mad, and takes her ages to stop. She won't let anyone that she doesn't see often get near her without growling! She's not bitten anyone thankfully, but she definitely let's people know not to get too near her. I honestly don't know why she is like this, and it is a bit embarrassing at times, but I can't seem to stop her from doing it. Sugestions would be great.
Apart from that, I wouldn't be without her, she's a proper little character.

Added on 29/02/2020
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From United Kingdom

Abi. Is a chihuahua x border terrier, not my choice of breed, we inherited her when my mother in law passed away, she needs strict boundary’s but is a real sweetheart and has fitted into our family like a dream. She has gone from being purely a Lap dog to three mile walks and likes nothing better than rolling in fox poo given half a chance !!!

Added on 02/10/2021
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From East Sussex, United Kingdom

From reading others feedback this has made me even more conscious of my little Dotty Jack Russell x chuihauha. She is definitely more chuihauha and at 12 weeks is very tiny but very boisterous and lively. Accepting she's young and learning it is so easy to keep picking her up and treating her like a baby. However, her bite even in play, can hurt and I don't want my grandchildren to be victim of this. I am socialising Dotty as much as I can. She comes to the farm and meets dogs and horses and she comes to the office and meets many people who adore her. So very pleased how she is developing and training. But need to stay firm and consistent with her to know I love her but she is still a dog and she is not the boss. 👍😁