Burns pet food was established by John Burns in 1993, and is based on a homemade recipe that he used to recommend to his clients whilst he was a practicing vet. Burns pet food combines purely natural ingredients for a nutritionally rich diet intended to support good health.

Burns pet food was originally created because of John Burns’ ongoing concerns about the quality, or lack of quality, ingredients used in commercial pet foods. Burns’ foods are hypoallergenic and free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. His range of moist foods are available in a number of delicious varieties, for puppies and kittens to senior pets, made with the finest natural and wholly palatable ingredients.

Burns Pet Nutrition is an inclusive range of holistic pet foods formulated to manage common canine health complaints, including behavioural and digestive problems, in addition to combining a healthy, balanced blend of natural ingredients developed to promote optimum health and vitality.

Burns pet food is available for both dogs and cats