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VioVet is passionate about pets; something we hope is evident in everything we do. It was this passion that began our story in 2006 and has taken us to where we are now. With over 30,000 products now on our website, we thought it was time to test the waters and put our name to something new.

Different diets might suit different dogs but when it comes to beds, every animal needs comfort, support and security. Our thinking is that for a dog to be active and sprightly during the day it needs to be well rested. This comes back to the bed it slept on the night before. A high quality bed is more likely to mean a high quality sleep. After all, we wouldn’t buy ourselves a flimsy mattress and expect a sound night, would we?

Our principles have always been simple – offer premium products at competitive prices and provide for pets in need. We hope our Vio‘Pet’ beds live up to this by offering affordable quality, comfort with character, and a product that has been tried and tested on our own dogs to promote sound sleep and space for retreat.