No one likes having to leave their dog at home - even if it's just to nip to the shops or for a meal out - and now, those situations might become a thing of the past.

No, you're not about to be urged to stay at home, but instead introduced to a new world of dog-friendly pubs, restaurants and shops in the UK and across the world.

Tired of trying to find places that would welcome their Lhasa Apso Bailie, Rhian and Kevin Matthews began a search for local dog-friendly haunts that has gone on to become an international 'TripAdvisor' for dogs.

It tells dog owners where they can find dog-friendly restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, hotels and more, as well as listing fun dog-friendly days out and even etiquette tips for making sure your pet makes a good impression in public spaces.

Established in 2009, Dugs Welcome began as a personal mission for Rhian and Kevin Matthews, who wanted to find out exactly where they could take their beloved pooch in and around their home near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Deciding that the information they found should be shared with fellow dog lovers, they found that their website venture soon grew, with business getting in touch to get their establishment listed on site. It soon spread beyond the borders of Scotland and even the UK, so now pet owners can use it to find places across the world to whisk their furry friend away to.

"We receive requests every single day, not just from Scotland but all over the UK - and even bars in Spain, Canada and America. We had stickers made so proprietors could put them on their doors and windows," commented Ms Matthews.

If you're planning to take your pet on holiday, remember to take a few treats along, such as the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone, to help them feel at ease and settle in. And you can find more tips for taking your pet on holiday here.

Written by: Hannah