Few things are more heartbreaking than hearing your pet being given a terminal diagnosis. Owner of rescue dog Poh, Thomas Neil Rodrigues, experienced this in February when a vet broke the news that his beloved dog could have just days or weeks to live. So, he decided to give him a unique send off.

Poh, who suffers multiple health problems including tumours and kidney failure, is enjoying a send off that has hit the headlines - a road trip around America.

The adventure began in New York, where Mr Rodrigues lives, and so far they have travelled 12,000 miles and through 35 cities. Along the way, Poh has visited plenty of famous monuments, though apparently it is the beaches he has enjoyed the most.

"Highlights for Poh have been all the beaches - San Diego, Fort Funston in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Austin Texas. Anytime he could get his paws wet," Mr Rodrigues told the Independent.

Their adventure has been charted on Instagram, where Mr Rodrigues posts pictures of Poh in front of some of the USA's most famous monuments, including the Hollywood sign and the Washington Monument.

Despite having been given a prognosis of days or weeks to live, Poh, who is 15 years old, is still going months after his diagnosis. While Poh is very ill, Mr Rodrigues praises his bursts of energy, which make him glad that he hasn't given up on his pet.

Written by: Hannah